Natural Gas in Your Home | Central Heating

For the ultimate in winter comfort.

natural gas wall unit remote image

Heat your entire home or choose 'zoned' heating for selected rooms - very economical. You can easily control temperature and timing with the flick of a switch, and electronic ignition gives you added peace of mind.

How it works

Warm air flows from one central unit through a series of ducts. Once cool, the air is then recirculated back to the central heating unit through one central return air duct.

Cooling Options

Refrigerated Cooling

Refrigerated cooling will provide you with recirculated, temperature controlled, cool air and can be installed with your Natural Gas heating system using the same ductwork.

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling will provide you with fresh filtered air from a roof mounted unit. This system has entirely separate ductwork and can be installed at the same time as your Natural Gas central heating, or later if you prefer.

Design Considerations

If you're thinking about having a system installed, here are a few things to consider:

  • Which rooms or 'zones' you want to isolate
  • An appropriate location for the return air duct
  • If you have a multi-level home, accessibility for ductwork is an important issue
  • If refrigerated cooling is to be added in the future, allowance must be made in the ductwork at the time of initial installation
  • Ceiling and wall insulation will greatly improve the efficiency of your system - both heating and cooling.

If you have a plan of your home, why not call into your Natural Gas central heating retailer for some expert advice, a quotation and perhaps even arrange a visit to your home.